Professional Illustrator

Hi, I'm Christine Knopp.

I’m a professional children’s book illustrator, Professor of digital illustration and a freelance artist.

Throughout my career I have worked on video games, illustrated children’s books and magazines, illustrated both novel and comic cover art and done plenty of my own personal projects!

I have worked at Disney Interactive as a concept artist and background painter, and have also worked with other game studios, and numerous book publishers such as Storytime Magazine, or Learning A-Z on both famous stories such as The Jungle Book or educational children’s books.

I also currently teach digital illustration at Academy of Art University online.

I currently live in Portland, Oregon with my two sphynx cats: Gandalf the Pink and Archimedes… oh yes, and our feral rescue Pandora!

Throughout the year I attend several conventions where I can be found. In 2016 I can be found at:

  • WonderCon (LA, March 25-27)
  • Emerald City Comic-Con (Seattle, April 7-10)
  • BLFC (Reno, NV, May 13-15)
  • Denver Comic-Con (Denver, CO, June 17-19)
  • Anthrocon (Pennsylvania, July 1-3)
  • San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego, July 20-24)
  • Rose City Comic-Con (Portland, OR, Sept. 10-11)
  • Eugene Comic-Con (Eugene, OR, Nov. 11-13)
  • DesignerCon (Pasadena, CA, Nov. 19-20)

And this list will update as I add new conventions to my circuit!

I’m always open to work on new projects. My love of animals, people, and colors and shapes allow me to expand my artistic abilities and my understanding of how beautiful this world truly is.